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How to change the LCD on a Laptop


At Super PC Repair we take the utmost care when handling your laptop to ensure it is kept in top condition!

Broken LCD

 To replace the LCD panel in a laptop screen is actually easier than you might expect. To start we remove the power from the DC Jack & disconnect the battery. 

 This is for safety for the laptop and for us! 

* If you are following this guide at home we will assume you have already ordered and received your new LCD panel. Please ensure it is the correct panel for your laptop as some LCD panels do have different connectors, resolutions etc and may not work if not the OEM replacement for your model. *

The second step in changing your LCD over is to remove the bezel. The bezel is the plastic around the edge of the screen which makes the laptop look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This is usually held to the lid of the laptop by a series of screws and clips. Start out by removing the screws, they can be located under round rubber grommets at the 4 corners of the screen (some laptops just have 2 screws they are usually located in the lower 2 corners). Once the screws have been removed you now need to remove the bezel without breaking any of the clips. Depending on what laptop you have sometimes it is impossible to get the bezel off without breaking the clips off too. If this is the case you can buy replacement bezels online for about £30.

Removing Bezel

Removing Bezel

Start at the bottom of the screen in the middle as it is easy to find slack and work your way clockwise around the screen with your fingertips to gently ease the bezel from the screen.

Once the bezel is removed you can now start working on removing the screws holding the LCD in place. This can either be 4 screws in the 4 corners or 6 screws 3 on each side. Remove them all. It usually doesn’t matter which order.

Place the LCD panel on the keyboard gently once it is free from the lid. You will now be able to see the data cable that plugs into the back of the LCD panel. This usually has a clear tape of the top to hold it in place, using your nails or a small flat head screwdriver carefully lift this tape off of the data cable allowing you room to unplug the cable from the LCD.

Screen Side ScrewsOnce the cable is removed place the new LCD onto the keyboard in the same position the old one was and plug the data cable into the new LCD panel. Remember to reapply the tape.

Now put the screws back in the same places they were removed when disassembling. Once this has been done you can put the bezel back on, line it up with the screen carefully and start from the top right corner working clockwise, you will hear all the clips click into place. 

When the bezel is tight to the screen again, insert the screws and cover with the rubber grommets.

Now time for testing, re-insert your laptop battery and power cable and power it up. If all goes well it should power up and the display will work like normal!

Hope this guide has helped you. If you have any questions or get a little stuck, please give us a call, we are always happy to give advice!